Your center for engagement and experiential learning.

的 大学学院 focuses on interdisciplinary engagement and enhancement through the work of the following units: 荣誉学院, 的 Center for International Programs, 的 Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), and 通识教育. 的 unit serves as a center for engagement and experiential learning. Each area in the 大学学院 offers programs to address the need for engaged learning activities and experiential initiatives following 十大网上正规赌网址’s 战略计划 to foster student success (Goal 1), impact regional development (Goal 3), and sustain institutional strength (Goal 4).

Each program in the 大学学院 listed below describes the various enhancement opportunities that emphasize engaged learning, which research has shown to increase attention and engage students in higher-level critical thinking. 因此, the 大学学院 on Georgia Ave will serve as an Enhancement Corridor and a pathway to student success.



荣誉学院 is a community of scholars connected to a program of study with foundations in undergraduate research, service and experiential learning, 领导, and global  experience and understanding.

的 program requires 29 hours in interdisciplinary learning activities for Honors certification.

Center for International Programs


CIP coordinates a comprehensive range of services and activities in international education to support students and faculty in gaining valuable learning opportunities in global skills and experiences. Among its many activities, the CIP coordinates study abroad and exchange opportunities for faculty and students, oversees support services for international students, organizes multicultural and community events on international themes, and administers an International Studies Minor program.

Quality Enhancement Program


十大网上正规赌网址的QEP Trailblazing: Shaping the 本科 Experience through Experiential Learning features many experiential learning (EL) opportunities for students to deepen their level of learning. 的 QEP Team coordinates with 学术事务, 学生事务, and the University Advising teams to identify appropriate student opportunities. Some EL activities occur in courses, while others are embedded in co-curricular activities and student organizations such as the Student Government Association (SGA).

Students who complete experiential learning opportunities are known as 开拓者.


的 通识教育 Council addresses issues central to the university's 通识教育 curriculum; including the integrity of the core curriculum, new course guidelines and review, policy on the transfer of core curriculm courses, assessment of how well student learning outcomes for the core curriculum are being met, and the development and implementation of an assessment plan specific to the core curriculum.

  • 的 大学学院
  • 222 Georgia Ave (Corner of Georgia Ave and Oak St.)

    Valdosta, GA 31698

    Monday-Thursday: 8 am to 5:30 pm

    Friday: 8 am to 3:00 pm

  • 229-249-4894
  • 大学学院 Team

    Dr. Michael Savoie, Dean of the 大学学院

    Dr. Michael Savoie, Dean of Honors
    Ms. Hillary Perry, Administrative Assistant

    Dr. Irina McClellan, Assistant Director
    Ms. Angela Gannon, Administrative 专家

    Dr. Anne Price, Professor, Interim Coordinator QEP
    Dr. Shani Wilfred, Professor, Coordinator 通识教育